Financial Planning and Feasibility Studies

We prepare feasibility studies for all projects and in most of the industrial, commercial, agricultural and technical sectors ..

Zakat and Tax Services

Our services in this respect, include the followings:

- Discussing with clients the most appropriate approaches to submit zakat and Tax ..

- Assisting in preparation of provisional and final zakat and tax returns.

Accounting and Book keeping Services:

We carry out all the services related to accounting matters, including book keeping starting from receiving entry vouchers, ..


What We Do

Emad Al Harbi is a professional firm in the field of auditing, accounting, tax and zakat and consulting services. The practice is led by highly qualified professional staff with wide and diversified experiences covering all sectors of the economy, some of them worked in the large firms that engage in the same fields.

We also provide continuous training for our professional staff as well as for those who wish to qualify fin different professions through our training centre, to keep abreast of developments in the profession, and to provide high quality services for their firms.

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Work Team

  • Emad Al Harbi (SOCPA)

    Certified public accountant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia licensed by the ..

  • Abbakar Abdul Rahman (CPA)

    Managing Director– Audit

    Managing Director– Audit He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), graduat..

  • Ismail Mahboub Elkhairi (MBA)

    Management consultant and professional translator

    Bachelor of Science in Economic - University of Khartoum (Sudan) and Master..

  • Kamal Al Deen Saleh

    Financial adviser and judicial expert

    Bachelor of science in Accounting - School of Business Studies, Sudan Unive..

  • Al Samani Babkr

    Economic consultant and financial analyst

    Bachelor of science in economic - Islamic University and a master's degree ..

  • Emad Yagoub Alrabi

    VAT consultant

    Bachelor of science in accounting from the University of Philadelphia, in a..

  • Abdulqawi Mohammad Othman

    Audit Manager

    Bachelor of Commerce and a member in American Institute of Administrative A..

  • Wael Mohammad Abdullah

    Audit manager

    Bachelor of science in accounting from the University of Neelain, Sudan. He..

  • Mohammed Al Amin (ACCA)

    Senior auditor

    Bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Khartoum with honors..

  • Bassem Ibrahim Abdo

    Senior auditor

    Bachelor's degree in accounting, English department, from the University of..

  • Yousuf Mohammed Yousuf (MBA)

    Director - Consulting

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