Zakat and income services

Zakat and income tax Services (Value added tax services (VAT
  • Our services in this respect, include the following:
  • Discussing with clients the most appropriate approaches to submit zakat and Tax returns
  • Assisting in preparation of zakat and tax returns and uploading it to the website of the General authority for zakat and income tax (GAZT)
  • Obtaining the Zakat/ Tax certificates
  • Assisting in filing of transaction transfer pricing returns for tax
  • Assisting in review and submission of response to routine queries raised by the General authority for zakat and income tax (GAZT)
  • Providing clients with new regulations issued by GAZT related with to Zakat and Tax issues and study the effect on the business of the clients
  • Advocating for clients before the General Secretariat of Tax Committees

Our office provides VAT services by planning, implementing, applying VAT and then reviewing the results. Our services in this field include:

- Registration of entities in VAT if the registration requirements apply.

- Review of procurement invoices for goods and services to verify the validity of the tax amounts contained therein and whether they are deductible.

- Review sales& revenue invoices and the amounts of tax received during the period and reconcile them with the financial data recorded registered by the client.

- Filling / review of the VAT returns in accordance with the model prepared by the general Zakat and income authority.

- Calculating the amount of tax due for payment by clients within the statutory period to avoid any fines thereon.

- Calculation of opportunities and risks for the recovery of VAT should the conditions apply in accordance with the provisions of the regulations

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