Financial and management consulting are considered the basis for the success of any project, whereas it is not possible to succeed in any project managerially only without providing adequate financing, without a successful management capable of planning, developing and following up to achieve the objectives set by senior management.

Consequently, the office gives the consulting service great high importance to enable the clients to keep abreast of rapid up -to -date with latest developments in the field of finance and business in a scientific way to help them in achieving competition and overcome any problems, whether financial or managerial, that may  be exposed to through the course of their business.

The office provides several services in the field of consulting, including:

Accounting and Book keeping Services Financial Planning and Feasibility Studies Consulting for financing purposes
  • Our professional staff carry out all the services related to accounting matters, including book keeping starting from receiving source documents, journalizing vouchers, recording   in the general ledger and then preparing final accounts and generate reports such as income statement profits, losses and the financial position for the entity in accordance with appropriate software to each client’s requirements.

    We, also provide appropriate and practical advices about how to apply accounting principles and policies appropriate to working conditions, along with evaluate evaluation  of its compatibility with the applicable principles & laws. Furthermore, we provide recommendations concerning design and applying accounting policies and procedures and the financial and management reporting.

Planning for economic projects is considered one of the most important steps for its success, as it ensures the success and effectiveness of these projects, in addition to the expected material  return and the extent of its profitability. So, before launching any project, an economic feasibility study should be undertaken.

We prepare feasibility studies for all projects and in most of the industrial, commercial, agricultural and technical sectors. We, also help the entities in studying and analysing the market for the purpose to assess the market condition for its actual products or the market's ability to provide or to launch a new product, along with identifying its competitive situation. We also, prepare the financial forecasts and analysis required for any proposed investment activity or project to mitigate risks. The objective of these services is to help our clients to evaluate the alternatives and to take the appropriate decisions.

If an entity needs financing for investment in working capital, the acquisition of property and equipment, or expansion in the field of business, our specialized professional team provides advice on the best methods to follow in order to achieve the planned objectives, according to the available resources.

We offer you financing options for investment purposes in specific areas or debt repayment, through the financing channels available in financial institutions, which requires an experienced consultant with extensive knowledge of dealing with them to obtain the appropriate amount of financing with the best options available in the market.

Merger and acquisition operations Financial Due Diligence Liquidation of companies
  • Generally, the merger is a union of interests between two or more entities resulting in the disappearance of legal entities and the emergence of new entities for the merged companies. Acquisition means the financial and management control of one of the companies over the activity of another company by buying a whole or a percentage of that entity, whereby the acquiring company controls the acquired company board of directors. Accordingly, these operations are carried out as a result of rapid changes in the financial and economic system and increased challenges in the market, and aim to create joint strategies for business development, mitigate costs and increase financial capabilities in addition to improving the quality of products and services, open new markets and provide skilled manpower to enhance competitiveness and increase its revenues and profits.

    Normally, merger and acquisition operations are complex transactions and can be among the most dangerous projects for the companies that they wish to undertake, and therefore companies are required to use a qualified and experienced consultant to increase the chances of success

  • If an entity is thinking to expand its business through acquisition, then it needs to ensure that its investments are as low risk as possible.

    The financial due diligence requires to carry out the review in the areas of financial affairs and to conduct an appropriate investigations of accounts and financial information necessary to study the financial position of the entity, and to identify the major financial and commercial risks.

    Financial due diligence and investigations are performed as a prelude to an important transaction, such as comprehensive acquisitions or purchases. Due diligence investigations can range from a one-day review to long-term detailed reporting. Therefore, it is necessary to appoint a qualified consultant to tailor the level of investigation according to the nature, size and requirements of the objective for all concerned parties

Certain companies or entities may encounter financial difficulties that cause them unable to fulfil their obligations.

 We identify problems accurately and provide recommendations that reflect the needs of these companies or entities and the circumnutates under which they should operate in  As a contribution from us in helping our clients to overcome the liquidity problems, starting from sole proprietorship projects up to the mega – projects, we provide our service on the best methods of borrowing and financing.


In the event that the entity’s liabilities exceed the size of its assets significantly, which results in its default to pay the liabilities on their due dates, we act as a bankruptcy trustee, according to our license number (141037) to help in finding solutions to pay the outstanding debts, such as rescheduling or communicating with the creditors to reduce the debts and assist the management in the financial restructuring. In case that the partners wish to continue as going concern entity or enter into bankruptcy procedure, it is  necessary to carry out the liquidation after they ascertain that  they cannot continue according to the  market circumstances .

Forensic Law suits , and litigations, Financial Disputes and inheritance distribution Services reporting Management Consulting Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Usually, we are assigned by official authorities or by the concerned parties to provide services of adjudication of financial and accounting disputes and settle the disputes arising from due to different accounting applications or overriding them and provide financial reports based on the documents provided. We also, carry out the listing of the inheritance and distribute it among the heirs and register it with the Notary Public.These tasks are carried out by professionals who have long experience in this field. Also, our office performs these services whether cases are pending before the concerned courts, the Sharia court, the Board of Grievances, and dispute resolution authorities, Or those that are conducted voluntarily, as our office has the necessary expertise in this field.


    Furthermore, we provide other services, such as:

    • Review operations to analyse profitability
    • Financial analysis and planning
    • Business risk services
    • Study of cash flows, forecasts and future planning
  • We   pay special attention, to providing our clients with financial and management consulting, whereas these consulting services cover many areas, for example:

    • Conducting a review of specific assignments and giving a detailed report thereon.
    • Restructuring
    • Setting and developing .HR policies and procedures manual
    • Providing consultations on the existing regulations in the Kingdom, such as the labour and workers law, the social insurance regulation , the pension regulation , and the customs regulation

All companies realize that achieving their objectives of providing good services depends on teamwork, quality, dedication and the effort that every employee individual makes. Therefore, the company is committed to creating a committed and motivated workforce focused on continuous improvements in performance, economy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

This can be accomplished by obtaining well-organized HR policies and procedures manual or clear instructions and following clear steps to manage any activity related to human resources

We provide the clients with the knowledge and the necessary advice to meet their needs in the field of setting and developing human resources policies and procedures manual, through our specialized team in assessing talents and preparing for their leadership needs in the future.

We also cooperate and work in partnership with a group of clients to identify, appraise assess and recruit senior executives

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