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Our firm performs audit of various entities in different fields. The audit approach adopted in our practice focuses on the concept of risk analysis & management ,treatment and effective planning to understand the business of the entity, as it differs from the conventional  audit approach, and It is also distinguished by identifying weaknesses and deficiencies, in addition to the potential risks to which the entity may be exposed to, and offering solutions to address them to improve their performance in the future, which is considered as a source of planning and organization to maximize profits and rationalize expenditures.

Furthermore, we provide assurance and review services to the whole activity of the client or part of it in accordance with the agreed upon procedures

The auditing process is carried out in accordance with the international auditing standards issued by the International Accounting and Auditing Standards Board adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by a team of qualified professionals who are specialized in the same field.

Internal audit is an independent and objective activity that provides assurances and advisory services in order to add value to the entity and improve its operations and helps to verify:

- The extent of commitment to and compliance by the plans and policies set by the senior management

- Ensuring that the information presented to the management is accurate and sufficient and that it is based on correct and valid documents.

- Verify that there is sufficient protection for the assets of the entity and the efficiency effectiveness of its use

- The appropriateness of accounting and statistical data and the possibility to rely on it by senior management to make sound decisions

- Evaluating Assessment of the work of individuals and their ability to take responsibility.

Our approach in the internal audit is based on done through a systematic evaluation and assessment approach of the organization to assess and to improve the effectiveness of governance processes and  risk management and control , this relies  is practiced during  and on risk analysis in all phases of work starting from the planning phase and the implementation phase prior to the issuance of the audit report which includes the results that have been concluded accessed in addition to the suggestions and recommendations.

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