Clientele Database

Sector Companies Sector Companies
  • Al Matin International for Plastic Industries
  • Cigalah international for manufacturing
  • Arabian Building Chemicals Factory
  • Albadr Saudi Egyptian company for forming metals
  • Attieh steel company branch
Training and Education Services
  • Gelane training company
  • Kafayat educational company
  • Educational Training Centers Services Company Limited
  • Dar Al Hanan educational company limited
  • Human Resources Training Company Limited
  • Future mall company for ready- made clothes
  • Babader trading & industrial Corp.
  • Food supplies company limited
  • Abdullah Ali Alsagaf trading company
Entertainment, Food Services and Restaurants
  • Abhor Food Company
  • Tuwaren foods company
  • United Franchises company limited
  • Mohammad Mohammad Baddok for restaurants and supplies
  • Top taste company
  • The International company for electromechanical works
  • Ejada Specialized construction company
  • Nesr Al-Jazira Contracting
  • Latin Arab Lanchaouat Co., Ltd
  • Al Miyal contacting company ltd
Transport Services
  • Arabian Shipping Agencies Co. Ltd.
  • Jawad international for fast transportation
  • Aloscalh for trading services
  • Modern Alrcaib Car Rental
  • Kilometer Transport Co. Ltd.
  • Al Bilad establishment for works and operation of trading centers (Flamingo mall)
  • Hani Bagedo trading co. ltd
  • AlSoraiya real estate investment
  • Emaar real estate company
  • Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz Alrajhi fund company
Medical Services
  • Murjan Medical company
  • Saba Medical company
  • Aghrass Medical Center
  • Paris Center for skin care
  • Eyad Sadiq medical and partners company
  • Alzamr trading establishment
  • Fiber technology for IT and communications systems company
  • Alwafa’ai International for communications and IT company
  • Northern star for IT company
  • Abgari technology for IT company
Professional and consulting service
  • Basmah Omair establishment management consultancy
  • Mashorah professional company
  • Bakertilly Co.
  • Khalid Al-Suraihi and Rasha Abunijem company
  • Semat engineering consultancy company

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