Work Team

The office includes elite of experts and specialists in the fields of different consulting services that meet the needs of clients (economic feasibility studies, marketing, financial analysis, strategic planning, human resources, work systems ... etc.). Our consultants are considered among the best in the field of consulting, as they are all holders of higher academic qualifications issued by indigenous and accredited universities. Our consultants are distinguished by their vast experiences and high skills that they have acquired by working with major multi-national firms. This is attributable to the confidence of our clients on our high professional consultants.

We are pleased hereby to give a brief summary of the main team members:

Emad Al Harbi (SOCPA)
Abbakar Abdul Rahman (CPA)
Ismail Mahboub Elkhairi (MBA)
Kamal Al Deen Saleh
Al Samani Babkr
Emad Yagoub Alrabi
Abdulqawi Mohammad Othman
Wael Mohammad Abdullah
Mohammed Al Amin (ACCA)
Bassem Ibrahim Abdo
Yousuf Mohammed Yousuf (MBA)

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