Our Professional Services

Our professional services include the followings:

Audit, Assurance and Review of Accounts
Internal Audit
Zakat and Tax Services
Value added tax services – VAT

Accounting and Book keeping Services
Liquidation or Merger of companies
Litigations, Accounting, Financial Disputes services and Heritage Services
Financial Planning and Feasibility Studies

Financial and management Consulting
Consulting Services

Our approach to provide the services

Recruitment of qualified staff and our in depth understanding to the nature of the clients’ business will enable us to practice our work in a very useful and effective manner.

This distinguished approach enables us to know the facts beyond the figures which we deal with.

In adopting this approach, we will perform the assignment as follows:

  • The firm is very keen to attract the most competent staff and train them to use software obtained from the most specialized international companies to enable them to provide high quality services.
  • Our relationship with clients is not limited to providing contracted services, but extends to providing them with additional services of intrinsic value with the purpose to improve performance and efficiency. We are also keen enough to advise the management of the entity with the progress of the work and its results to avoid duplication in preparation of information.
  • All our staff members are keen to use the most advanced software, which enables us to perform several businesses as soon as possible and at the lowest cost. Also, it makes us to study the applicable control systems in computer system used by the entity, along with evaluation process flow system, as we ensure conformity of actual works against the expected output.
  • Our policy requires that all our staff shall comply with the professional conduct and ethics, and IFRSs and other standards and pronouncements issued by SOCPA as applicable and endorsed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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